Month: October 2021

VitalStream™ – Ushering in the wireless era of hemodynamic monitoring

Medical practitioners know that even a brief hypotensive event can harm a patient. This is why the ICU employs continuous hemodynamic monitoring to catch the earliest signs of such events and enable prompt intervention.

However, studies have found that post-operative patients returning to the general ward are still at risk of acute hypotensive events leading to cardiac arrest, and a high proportion of such events are not picked up. This highlights the need for continuous hemodynamic monitoring beyond the critical care wards, a need that can be met by wireless hemodynamic monitoring.

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MedTech Innovator Announces Caretaker Medical among Finalists for $500K 9th Annual Industry Competition

MedTech Innovator, the largest accelerator of medical devices in the world, announced that Caretaker Medical have been selected among five finalists out of 1,100 applicants to compete for the title of MedTech Innovator 2021.

“Every year I am more impressed by the caliber of companies that take part in our Accelerator and Showcase programs,” said Paul Grand. “This year’s five finalist companies are developing products that have the ability to really shake up the industry and provide significant value to patients. We are thrilled to be back in-person for our final competition at the conference and we know the live audience will have an extremely tough decision deciding this year’s winner.” Read more about the competition here or learn more about us today.

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