Month: November 2022

Time Critical Fluid Assessment: Save Lives with VitalStream

With around 80% of hospitalized patients being prescribed intravenous (IV) fluid therapy[1], physicians need fast and reliable insight into how patients are responding so they can effectively manage changes in their blood volume.

Incorrect intravascular volume can lead to severe complications, and even death. Reduced oxygen levels in organs can occur from a low volume, while fluid overload can result in swelling and organ damage, including respiratory failure. It’s been reported that 20% of patients on IV fluid therapy suffer complications due to incorrect fluid administration[2] – so it’s essential that physicians get it right.

Studies show that a higher cumulative fluid balance is an important factor associated with 28-day mortality[3]. In a European study of patients admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU), each 1 liter of positive fluid balance during the first 72 hours was associated with a 10% increase in mortality after adjustments for other risk factors.[4]

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