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Caretaker Medical adds Continuous Beat-by-Beat Blood Pressure & Wireless Vitals to HealthSaaS Remote Patient Monitoring Platform

Caretaker Medical, maker of the Wireless Caretaker® Finger-Cuff Patient Monitoring Platform for Continuous Non-Invasive Blood Pressure (“CNIBP”) & Wireless Vital Signs, today announced seamless integration with the HealthSaaS HIPAA-Compliant Cloud Platform for Remote Patient Monitoring, Telehealth, and Hospital-to-Home Patient Engagement

The combined Caretaker & HealthSaaS solution allows clinicians to remotely monitor patients across the full continuum of care from virtually anywhere in the world, including pre-admission, clinic, in-hospital, and post-discharge.  Unlike traditional Remote Patient Monitoring solutions that require patients to connect and use a myriad of devices multiple times per day, the Caretaker wearable monitor streams continuous Blood Pressure & Vital Signs data to the HealthSaaS IoT Platform.  Instead of relying on just a few intermittent “Spot Check” blood pressure measurements gathered throughout the day, clinicians can track and analyze continuously streaming ‘beat-by-beat’ Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, and other parameters to better visualize trends and provide more comprehensive care from a single wearable monitor

“We are excited to have our FDA-Cleared Caretaker wireless patient monitor streaming continuous “Beat-by-Beat” Blood Pressure and Vital Signs to the HealthSaaS Remote Monitoring Cloud,” said Jeff Pompeo, Caretaker Medical’s President & CEO.  “Continuous Patient Monitoring provides a much better view of cardiovascular health than typical intermittent spot-check vital sign measurements, and clinicians can make better decisions by analyzing trend data in near real-time. Caretaker brings “ICU Level Quality” continuous monitoring to all points of care with full patient mobility.”  

“Adding Caretaker continuous blood pressure monitoring to the HealthSaaS connected device portfolio, is a significant step forward in our hospital-to-home strategy for cardiology patients,” said Frank Ille, CEO of HealthSaaS. “ICU level data monitoring from the home, combined with our intelligent rules engine, provides actionable information to clinicians which can help facilitate early interventions and lower hospital readmissions.”

The Caretaker wireless CNIBP and Vital Signs Monitor is FDA Cleared, CE-Mark certified, and available immediately for use with the HIPAA-Compliant HealthSaaS Remote Monitoring Platform. For more information or to schedule a demonstration, contact Caretaker Medical or HealthSaaS.

Caretaker Medical is wireless medical device innovate focused on developing affordable, wireless patient monitoring solutions that improve outcomes, increase clinician productivity, and maximize patient compliance without compromising patient comfort or mobility.  
The wearable Caretaker4® monitor enables uninterrupted wire-free and electrode-free real-time vital signs monitoring throughout the full continuum of care, from clinic and hospital, to patient transport, and home monitoring after discharge.  Using a comfortable, low-pressure finger cuff, Caretaker’s patented Pulse Decomposition Analysis technology non-invasively measures continuous Beat-by-Beat Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, and Repertory Rate for remote display on the Caretaker® App and other Remote Data Displays. The Caretaker technology delivers “ICU Quality” continuous measurements without intrusive catheters or cumbersome wires, giving clinicians the ability to recognize developing trends earlier with more lead time for intervention while providing a more comprehensive view of a patient’s hemodynamic status. 

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About HealthSaaS 
HealthSaaS is a thought leader in healthcare interoperability solutions that enable meaningful exchange of patient-driven data. Our cloud based IoT connectivity services provide health IT companies, clinicians, hospitals, pharmacies and home health organizations with a secure, vendor-neutral infrastructure that provides just in time data to facilitate early interventions and reduce readmissions for chronic condition patients.

The HealthSaaS Platform provides chronic disease management services for clinicians and their patients who suffer from conditions such as heart failure, atrial fibrillation, diabetes, asthma and COPD. In addition, HealthSaaS also offers award winning medication adherence solutions for all disease states.
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