COVID 19 Patient Monitoring

Reduce Staff and Patient Exposure

Covid-19 has shown how important it is to maintain a safe barrier between patient and provider in pandemic response. The VitalStream wireless patient monitoring system allows medical staff to safely distance without compromising the standard of care. VitalStream enables you to monitor beat-by-beat blood pressure and other vital signs wherever the patient may be: in hospital or in their home, anywhere in the world.

Safe Monitoring in ICU Triage

Now you can enhance your Covid-19 patient monitoring capability during triage while reducing staff exposure. VitalStream enables wireless patient monitoring across the hospital, minimising contact between staff and patients while measuring beat-by-beat blood pressure, respiratory rate and other key physiological parameters.

Boost Covid 19 Patient Monitoring Capacity

VitalStream wireless monitoring gives medical teams the facility to manage clinically distanced or remote patients. Beat-by-beat vitals can be monitored without medical staff having to be present with the patient, so monitoring and assessment can continue in step down units, on the general floor or in remote home settings.

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