Osmind and Caretaker Medical Establish Market-Leading Partnership

#1 Ketamine EHR combines with leading patient monitoring solution for premium integration

Osmind’s EHR automatically uploads vital sign data from Caretaker’s continuous “beat-by-beat” wireless patient monitor. Osmind, the leading ketamine and treatment-resistant mental health electronic health record (EHR) software provider, has established a strategic partnership with Caretaker Medical, a wireless patient monitoring innovator that has transformed bulky, spot-check monitoring with continuous blood pressure and vital signs from a simple finger cuff.

The partnership was established to maximize the quality of care that ketamine and other mental health practitioners deliver to their patients. Osmind and Caretaker have established a premium data integration unlike any other that allows for the capture and direct EHR upload of continuous, real-time patient data from Caretaker devices such as beat-by-beat blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation, 3 lead ECG, and more.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the market leader in ketamine and treatment-resistant health, Osmind, to deliver the most robust, comprehensive joint solution for ketamine practices’ care delivery,” said Jeff Pompeo, the president & CEO of Caretaker Medical. “Osmind has proven to be the top software vendor in the space and is trusted by clinics all over the country. We are confident that this integration will help clinicians safely monitor ketamine patients and improve care while helping clinics conduct research.”

Jimmy Qian, the co-founder and COO of Osmind, added, “We are very excited about our partnership with Caretaker. Its accurate, convenient, powerful patient monitoring system is perfect for enhancing both the provider and patient experience. For example, using a comfortable, low-pressure finger cuff to collect continuous blood pressure information without having to squeeze the patient’s arm is ideal for ketamine treatment, where disturbing the patient could negatively impact the treatment’s therapeutic value.”

Osmind’s EHR automatically uploads vital sign data from Caretaker's continuous "beat-by-beat" wireless patient monitor. (Photo: Business Wire)

With continuous vital sign monitoring during intensive mental health treatments like ketamine infusions, clinicians can deliver safer and more personalized patient care and ensure a more comfortable patient experience. Because the data is automatically uploaded and displayed into the clinical notes of Osmind’s EHR, providers streamline their process. They no longer need to manually log vital signs or upload physiological data reports into their patient charts.

There are significant research implications of gathering such data as well, given real-time physiological response is understudied with mental health treatments. Clinics have already used Osmind as an insights platform to publish findings from their clinical care. This integration will make it easier than ever for individual practitioners and clinics to analyze the physiological effects of ketamine to validate and publish their protocols.

Osmind is a Public Benefit Corporation founded with the goal of maximizing patient access to innovative mental health treatments. Osmind is the #1 ketamine EHR in the country with over 125 practices in 30+ states. The EHR is uniquely integrated with a patient mood tracker mobile app, allowing treatment-resistant mental health clinics to deliver the best possible care for their patients. Osmind aims to democratize research by empowering clinicians to make data-driven care decisions and enabling development of new therapies. For more information, please visit or email

Caretaker Medical is a Wireless Digital Health company that has developed a continuous ‘beat-by-beat’ Blood Pressure and Vital Signs monitor that eliminates blind spots between traditional intermittent spot-check monitors and untethers patients from mobility-restricting wires and hoses. The FDA-Cleared Caretaker4 wireless monitor utilizes a simple finger cuff and patented Pulse Decomposition Analysis technology to measure uninterrupted blood pressure, hemodynamics, and other parameters for wire-free, “touchless” remote patient monitoring that maximizes patient comfort and clinical decision-making. For more information, please visit

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