Month: March 2021

How Continuous Patient Monitoring is maximizing the Benefit of IV Ketamine Therapy

There are currently around 400 ketamine infusion clinics in the US and rising at a rate of 30-40% per year. Such is the demand for intravenous ketamine treatment for severe depression, anxiety and chronic pain.

Since the opioid epidemic, the use of analgesics and anesthetics to treat the rising cases of depression and anxiety has been closely monitored and patient safety is understandably paramount. Caretaker Medical’s wireless, continuous patient monitoring is helping ketamine clinics to deliver the best possible patient experience, while streamlining their workflow and ensuring adherence to monitoring protocols.

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The Future is Virtual: How Monitoring Patients via the Cloud Can Revolutionize Healthcare

The United States leads the world in medical research and is recognized for cutting edge hospitals and pioneering groundbreaking medical technologies. Despite these advantages, a high proportion of Americans have difficulty accessing the healthcare they need.

There are several reasons for this: one is that large parts of the country are rural and remote; another is cost; a third is the US has a shortage of family physicians, according to the American Academy of Family Physicians*.

These are all challenges that have caused the healthcare infrastructure to creak and, to a certain extent, fail. But with the research, knowhow and the technology we have, these are problems that can be solved. Today.

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) via the cloud uses digital technology to track, communicate and store the health data of patients from anywhere, in real-time, securely and safely. By making RPM a cornerstone of the healthcare system, we can give patients greater ownership of their personal health, enabling better patient outcomes while reducing the burden on hospitals and medical staff.

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