Acute Care Monitoring

Emergency Medical Services

In an emergency every second and every beat count.  The Caretaker 4 eliminates wires, simplifies your workflow and provides automatic measurement and reporting of key physiological parameters. With the Caretaker Cloud, emergency room physicians can remotely access real-time patient vitals and prepare their treatment plan while the patient is in route. Optimize workflow during patient intake and triage, stay mobile, and never miss a beat with the Caretaker 4.

Hospital Critical Care

In critical care rapid recognition of blood pressure changes is essential.  Patient deterioration can occur in the intervals between spot check vital sign monitoring.  With Caretaker’s acute care monitoring system, you can now non-invasively monitor the real time beat-by-beat data needed for rapid response and early intervention to a patient’s changing health conditions.

Hospital General Floor

Less invasive and less expensive continuous acute care monitoring is here.  Caretaker4 wirelessly provides non-invasive beat-by-beat blood pressure and vital sign monitoring which untethers the patient and reduces staff burden. Using our FDA Approved Pulse Decomposition Analysis technology and finger sensor, Caretaker continuously and non-invasively measures Beat-by-Beat Blood Pressure within AAMI accuracy standards. 

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