Cerebral Oximetry

Caretaker Medical and Mespere Life Sciences’ integration partnership will allow the two companies to work together in order to provide the best possible quality for Continuous Non-Invasive Blood Pressure, Cerebral Oximetry, Intercranial Pressure, and other critical, non-invasive hemodynamic measurements, all housed within Mespere’s suite of monitoring systems. 

Mespere’s Neur Os Cerebral Oximetry is the only Depth Resolved cerebral oximeter in the market, which can specifically target cortical tissue through scalp & skull and provide reliable measurement of the hemodynamics of brain tissues.  

Caretaker’s extant vitals monitoring capabilities, which includes CNIBP, Pulse Oximetry, and more, work within and compliment the ability of the Mespere NeurOs suite to deliver consistent monitoring of Cerebral Oximetry, Cardiac Output, and others. This will collect and bundle the most complete picture possible of a patient’s hemodynamic condition. 

“Combining Caretaker’s continuous “beat by beat” Blood Pressure and wireless vital signs with Mespere’s Cerebral Oximetry and Blood Volume Index parameters in a non-invasive, affordable platform will allow clinicians to have better decision-making tools at all points of care, not just the ICU,” said Jeff Pompeo, Caretaker Medical’s President and CEO. “Continuous Blood Pressure is a far better measure of core hemodynamic trending that typical intermittent BP Cuffs, and Cerebral Oximetry is a leading indicator of brain function.  Together these parameters can provide a more comprehensive view of true hemodynamic health and potentially yield an earlier indication of patient deterioration.”

“Monitoring cerebral hemodynamic and arterial pressure simultaneously may potentially allow physicians to access cerebral autoregulation and cerebral hypertension in real time. I am very excited about the collaboration with Caretaker Medical,” said Dr. Xuefeng Cheng, Mespere LifeSciences’ CEO. 

Both the Caretaker wireless CNIBP and Vital Signs Monitor and the Mespere NeurOs are FDA Cleared and CE-Mark certified, and available immediately.  For more information on how Caretaker and Mespere fit together, or to schedule a demonstration, contact Caretaker Medical or Mespere Life Sciences.

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