Clinical Trials

Download a range of recent case studies

Cooper Hospital (NJ)

Study comparing CareTaker vs. traditional invasive A‐Line catheters during exploratory surgery. Due to this A‐line data comparison a method was discovered that we use to Measure Arterial Stiffness. Results Proves CareTaker data is A‐line equivalent. Papers being written.

Walter Reed Hospital

Military study using CareTaker for Rheoencephalography (REG) on animals. Presented poster publication with excellent results. Additional Studies are ongoing.

University of Texas

Using CareTaker for Vital Signs Monitoring for Office of Naval Research study of Automatic Resuscitation on animals and human cohorts in comparison with other non-invasive products. Algorithmic resuscitation is known to be more effective than manual resuscitation, but needs beat by beat blood pressure to work. Caretaker cNIBP validated to be accurate.

Detroit Sleep Clinic

Vital Signs Monitor for Veteran’s Administration study measuring physiological parameters of Spinal Cord Injury patients during sleep. About 60 patients studied showing efficacy of CareTakers comfortable finger cuff and accuracy of physiological measurements.

Bejing Union Hospital

In-Hospital Study for local and remote Vital Sign monitoring using multiple CareTaker Units

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