COVID 19 Patient Monitoring

Reduce Exposure To Medical Staff and Patients

In pandemic response, the importance of maintaining patient and provider safety cannot be understated. Our wireless Covid 19 patient monitoring system allows medical staff to safely distance without sacrificing quality of care. Monitor beat-by-beat hemodynamic and physiologic parameters whether the patient is in the hospital or their home, while maintaining access to vital signs in real time from anywhere in the world via our Caretaker Cloud Portal.

Increase ICU Triage Capability

Expand your Covid 19 patient monitoring capability while reducing staff exposure. Wirelessly monitor patients across the hospital and stay on top of key beat by beat blood pressure, respiratory rate and other key physiological parameters

Increase Covid 19 Patient Monitoring Capacity

Empower your healthcare team to manage clinically distanced or remote patients.  Clinicians can now wirelessly monitor beat by beat vitals without having to be physically present which enables you to monitor and assess patients in step down units, general floor or remote home settings.

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