End Tidal Carbon Dioxide

Thanks to the integration of CMI Health’s PC-900B Handheld Capnograph and Oximeter, Caretaker Medical is proud to provide support for End-Tidal Carbon Dioxide monitoring in the Caretaker 4 Continuous Non-Invasive Blood Pressure and other vitals monitor. ETCO2 monitoring is critical for patients during sedation procedures such as surgery, dental sedation, ambulatory and outpatient procedures, and emergency care, to monitor respiratory status. 

ETCO2 can enhance patient safety, as it provides valuable information about cellular respiration and ventilatory status. Capnography, a noninvasive technique, provides a breath-to-breath picture and continuous recording of ventilatory effort, endotracheal tube placement, and respiratory status.  It provides near instantaneous feedback on ventilation effectiveness or respiratory compromise compared to a delayed pulse oximetry response and is valued heavily during sedation procedures when even a short delay can severely compromise patient care.  Early detection is a critical element to enhance patient safety especially in the prehospital and out-of-hospital care setting where ETCO2 sensors are also used as a primary indication of chest compression quality during cardiac resuscitation and have been the standard of care for 25 years in the operating room.

The PC900B handheld capnograph, as provided by Caretaker, comes with the handheld capnograph and oximeter, one software integration key, six disposable water filters, one sampling line, one airway adapter, one nasal cannula, one adult SpO2 finger sensor, one USB data cable, one AC wall adapter, one user manual, one silicone protection cover, one canvas bag, and one support base.

The combined Caretaker & CMI Health solution allows clinicians to monitor critical elements of patients’ respiratory status not previously possible in a handheld Bluetooth streaming form factor and displayed on a remote tablet. The solution provides display of the capnograph waveform on the Caretaker user interface tablet, and the numerical values including the ETCO2, FiO2 (fraction of inspired oxygen), respiratory rate, and pulse oximetry. The sidestream nasal cannula fits comfortably on the patient and samples expired carbon dioxide during exhalation, continuously streaming data from the PC900B to the Caretaker display platform. The mainstream airway adapter can be used for intubated patients. 

“We continue to innovate and by adding ETCO2 to our available parameters we answered the call of our clinicians who asked to monitor this critical respiratory parameter during sedation procedures and we are thrilled to be the first to provide a wireless Bluetooth display solution along with our CNIBP and wireless vitals platform,” said Jeff Pompeo, Caretaker Medical’s President & CEO

The Caretaker wireless CNIBP and Vital Signs Monitor is FDA Cleared, CE-Mark certified, and available immediately.  For more information or to schedule a demonstration, contact Caretaker Medical.

CMI has developed, manufactured and marketed Oximeters, Vital Sign Monitors and Patient Monitors since 2000.  For more information about their ETCO2 monitor, visit http://cmihealth.com/product/pc-900b-handheld-capnograph-and-pulse-oximeter/

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