Ketamine Infusion

Long used as an anaesthetic and analgesic, most people familiar with ketamine know of it for this purpose. Others know it as a party drug that can give users an out-of-body experience, leaving them completely disconnected from reality. Less well known is its growing off-label use in the USA for depression, in many cases when other options have been exhausted

Medical Challenges

The goal of Ketamine therapy is to induce a therapeutic dissociative state in patients while at the same time closely monitoring the blood pressure and vital signs of the patient to ensure that the are maintained in a medically stable state.

Caretaker Solution

The Caretaker4 is unique because it utilizes a single finger cuff inflated to a very low pressure to monitor BP, heart rate and respiration rate of a patient. As the monitoring is continuous, there are no disruptions that are associated with traditional BP monitoring methods that use cuff.

Medical References

Dr. David Feifel

La Jolla – San Diego – California

Kadima Neuropsychiatry Institute


Kadima Neuropsychiatry Institute ( offers a unique treatment for clinical depression, anxiety and PTSD by administering ketamine to induce a therapeutic “dissociative” or “psychedelic” state in patients. In order to achieve optimal results it is important to maintain patients in a state of sensory isolation by minimizing their exposure to all environmental stimuli including, light, sound and touch. Traditional methods for monitoring blood pressure are intrusive and disruptive leading to  sub-optimal outcomes for the patient. The Caretaker continuous non-invasive blood pressure and vital signs monitor has solved this problem by utilizing a single non-intrusive finger cuff to continuously monitor our patients’ blood pressure, heart rate and respiration rate while maintaining the sensory isolation needed to achieve positive outcomes. We are now able to monitor a patient’s vitals more intensively than previously possible and our patients are completely oblivious that we are doing so. It has allowed us to provide a more optimal treatment for our patients while enhancing patient safety and reducing labor and the time our nurses spend on monitoring. Not surprisingly, our nurses especially love our Caretaker devices and we have been so pleased with the performance that we recently purchased an additional device.

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