Non Acute

Ambulatory Surgery Center

Elective procedures are shifting to the ambulatory surgery center.  This shift challenges existing staffing and patient workflow models. Reduce staff burden and streamline hemodynamic and vital sign monitoring with the Caretaker wireless monitoring system that moves with the patient from preop to surgery to PACU and discharge. Simplify your documentation with automatically generated comprehensive electronic reports.

Long-Term Care

Caretaker’s clinical grade wireless patient monitoring system reduces staff burden and delivers real time physiological parameters and waveforms to the central station and the physician, on-site or off-site, to enable rapid response and early intervention to a patient’s changing health conditions. Simplify your documentation with automatic data recording and comprehensive electronically generated reports.

Chronic Care

The Caretaker wireless patient monitoring system provides your patients with a non-invasive, comfortable experience for their infusion, while maintaining ICU quality monitoring of hemodynamic and physiological parameters. Eliminate manual vital sign charting with Caretakers automatic recording that generates complete hemodynamic reports with waveforms.   With Caretaker’s continuous monitoring you’ll never miss a beat.

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