Fluid Responsiveness

Precision under pressure

When an emergency patient is brought in requiring life-saving treatment, their outcome depends on the appropriate composition of vital fluids being administered at the correct rate and in the right quantity. VitalStream’s non-invasive beat-by-beat monitoring takes the guesswork out of fluid loading, instantly giving under-pressure medical staff the necessary insight to be far more precise and thus greatly reduce patient risk.

Rapid assessment of fluid volume status

Accurate determination of fluid volume status in hemodynamically unstable patients is vital. Extended fluid loading is associated with increased morbidity and mortality, while insufficient resuscitation is associated with organ hypoperfusion and ischaemia. VitalStream helps clinicians to strike the ideal balance for each individual patient by providing accurate, real-time data to inform fluid composition, volume and loading rate.

Detecting hypotensive events

VitalStream provides continuous non-invasive evaluation of hemodynamics and fluid responsiveness via a simple, unobtrusive finger cuff. Its beat-by-beat monitoring of dynamics likes pulse, blood pressure and stroke volume provides emergency teams with the means of detecting hypotensive events as soon as they occur, greatly reducing the risk of acute kidney injury and myocardial injury. 

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