Rapid Deployment Kit

COVID-19 Rapid Deployment Kit

To help control the spread of COVID-19, we have developed a Rapid Deployment Kit that enables hospitals to quickly expand their patient monitoring capacity, while mitigating staff exposure.

The COVID-19 Rapid Deployment Kit comes preconfigured with a display, sensors and all the necessary disposables for patient monitoring. It pairs with the VitalStream Cloud portal, allowing clinicians to continuously and non-invasively monitor haemodynamic and physiological parameters, both in the hospital and beyond, at a remote facility or at home.

The Benefits of VitalStream

Benefits to Hospitals:

  • Wireless solution, designed for rapid deployment and scalability
  • Supports infection control protocols
  • Supports remote diagnostics
  • Works on your existing IT infrastructure
  • Reduces staff burden and cost

Benefits to Clinicians:

  • Stay safely outside the quarantine area
  • Three-minute set-up time improves staff productivity
  • Wireless access to clinical grade, real-time physiological parameters and waveforms from virtually anywhere

Benefits to Patients:

What's In The Kit

The COVID-19 Rapid Deployment Kit is shipped in a hardened case. This can be cleaned and stored for later. In the kit you will find:

  • VitalStream Wireless Monitor
  • 7″ mobile tablet
  • VitalStream application software
  • SPO2 finger sensor
  • 10 single use finger sensors
  • 10 single use wrist straps
  • Power Supply: VitalStream
  • Power supply: Tablet
  • CE / FDA Certification

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