About Caretaker Medical

Our purpose

At Caretaker Medical, we believe that the same high-tech, seamless experience that has improved your personal life, can and should improve your clinical life. From wireless technology, to intuitive, sleek design and on-demand information, technology has changed and improved every part of our lives. Now is the time for medical technology to catch up. We believe that medical devices should be wireless, intuitive, clinically-effective and cost-efficient. The devices you use should make your clinical activities easier, not harder. And above all else, should improve your life so you can improve the lives of your patients. After all, you do some of the most important work there is — save lives.

Our history

Our story began with a mission from the Department of Defense. The US armed forces were in need of technology that could be easily carried by soldiers in battle to determine if a hemorrhaging comrade could be evacuated alive. The technology needed to withstand the chaos of battle, and the data needed to be transmitted to a central station in real time so quick decisions could be made about evacuation priorities. The device needed be lightweight, fast, easy to use and accurate in some of the most challenging conditions and patient cases. With this in mind, our team of scientists and engineers developed patented Pulse Decomposition Analysis (PDA) and a portable wireless device that could instantly assess vital signs such as continuous blood pressure, heart rate, blood volume and shock status.

This initial challenge laid the foundation for a company dedicated to pushing the boundaries of medical technology to help save lives in some of the most demanding situations.

Caretaker Medical today

Our small size is your benefit. We don’t have the red tape of larger organizations which allows us to be innovative and nimble. We are able to quickly act on insights to continuously improve our technology and challenge the status quo.

Patents and approvals

Caretaker Medical Co. has received the following FDA Clearances related to Caretaker and VitalStream® Products: K151499, K163255, K181196, K211588, K213699.

Caretaker Medical has received the following US and international patents related to Caretaker and VitalStream® products:

Issued Patent TItle of Patent
US 8,100,835Pulse Decomposition Analysis (PDA) for Determination of numerous Vital Signs and Diagnosis of Disease
US 7,087,025Blood Pressure Determination Based on Delay Times Between Points on a Heartbeat Pulse
US 10342437B2Detection of Progressive Central Hypervolemia using the System of the present invention with Pulse-Decomposition Analysis (PDA)
US 7,087,025
China 201080063797.X
Detection of Progressive Central Hypervolemia using the System of the present invention with Pulse-Decomposition Analysis (PDA)
US 10,506,931Non-Invasive Monitoring of Arterial Stiffness
US 11,207,034Self-Calibrating Systems for Blood Pressure Waveform Analysis and Diagnostic Support
US 11,229,371Butterfly Cuff (Finger Sensor for non-invasive continuous and physiological monitoring)

This information is intended to serve as notice under 35 U.S.C. § 287(a

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American Society of Dentist Anesthesiologists 2024 Annual Scientific Session, April 18-20, Austin, TX
 SCAI 2024 Scientific Sessions, May 2 – 4, 2024 at the Long Beach Convention Center in Long Beach, CA
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Anesthesiology 2024, October 18-22, 2024 at the Philadelphia Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA

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