VitalStream® for ketamine psychedelic therapy

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Continuous vital signs monitoring for an uninterrupted journey

VitalStream is a clinically-validated and FDA-cleared wireless, wearable beat-by-beat blood pressure and vital signs monitor. It uses a low-pressure finger sensor to comfortably and continuously monitor your patients’ vital signs. This allows you to access the data needed for
informed clinical decision making, while safeguarding your patients’ uninterrupted psychedelic experience.

VitalStream uses AI algorithms and patented Pulse Decomposition Analysis to continuously measure blood pressure (BP), heart rate (HR) and respiration rate (RR). It has comparable accuracy to an invasive arterial line and has demonstrated agreement that exceed other commercially available continuous blood pressure monitoring technologies.1

Additional wireless sensors are available for ECG, SpO2 and ETCO2.

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Why VitalStream for continuous patient monitoring?


Ensure a painless and pleasant experience for your patients with a comfortable finger
sensor that eliminates the need for a brachial cuff.

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Save time with set up under 90 seconds, and an all-digital workflow including automated vital signs collection, EMR integration and reporting.


Make informed clinical decisions and quickly detect any potential complications with continuous real-time data.


Stay up-to-date with new features and improvements with monitoring devices and software that can be easily updated over the internet.

Drive efficient processes and help more patients with central monitoring

VitalStation allows you to access and review patient data from a centralized location. For multiroom clinics, this can save your clinical team valuable time going from room to room to check on patients. It also ensure that you can monitor multiple patients in real time to enable timely interventions if needed.


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