Clinical Studies

Agreement between cardiac output estimation with a wireless, wearable pulse decomposition analysis device and continuous thermodilution in post-cardiac surgery intensive care unit patients

Ashish K. Khanna, Julio O Garcia, Amit K Saha, Lynnette Harris, Martin Baruch, R. Shayn Martin

A new continuous noninvasive finger cuff device (Vitalstream) for cardiac output that communicates wirelessly via bluetooth or Wi-Fi

Irwin Gratz,corresponding, Martin Baruch, Ahmed Awad, Brian McEniry, Isabel Allen, and Julia Seaman

Tracking of the beat-to-beat blood pressure changes by the Caretaker physiological monitor against invasive central aortic measurement

Younghoon Kwon, Patrick L Stafford, Martin C Baruch, Sung-Hoon Kim, Yeilim Cho, Sula Mazimba, Lawrence W Gimple

Elucidation of obstructive sleep apnoea-related blood pressure surge using a novel continuous beat-to-beat blood pressure monitoring system

Younghoon Kwon, Martin Baruch, Patrick L Stafford, Heather Bonner, Yeilim Cho, Sula Mazimba, Jeongok G Logan, Daichi Shimbo, Sung-Ha Park, Gen-Min Lin, Ali Azarbarzin, David…

Continuous NonInvasive Blood Pressure Monitoring of Beat-by-Beat Blood Pressure and Heart Rate using Caretaker compared with Invasive Arterial Catheter in the ICU

Younghoon Kwon, Patrick L Stafford, Kyle Enfield, Sula Mazimba, Martin C Baruch

Validation of the Next-Generation Caretaker Continuous Physiological Monitor using Invasive Intra-Arterial Pressures in Abdominal Surgery Patients

Irwin Gratz, Martin Baruch, Isabel Elaine Allen, Julia Seaman, Magdy Takla, Brian McEniry, Edward Deal

Adoption of Continuous Beat-to-Beat Nocturnal Blood Pressure Measurement in Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring

Younghoon Kwon, Martin Baruch, Sebastian Estrada, Elizabeth Harrison, Ronald Williams, Yeilim Cho, David Gerdt, Heather Bonner, Sula Mazimba, Richard Berry

The application of a neural network to predict hypotension and vasopressor requirements non-invasively in obstetric patients having spinal anesthesia for elective cesarean section.

Irwin Gratz, Martin Baruch, Magdy Takla, Julia Seaman, Isabel Allen, Brian McEniry and Edward Deal

Continuous Non-invasive finger sensor CareTaker® comparable to invasive intra-arterial pressure in patients undergoing major intra-abdominal surgery

Irwin Gratz, Edward Deal, Francis Spitz, Martin Baruch, I. Elaine Allen, Julia E. Seaman, Erin Pukenas, Smith Jean

Assessment of Cardiovascular Parameters during Meditation with Mental Targeting in Varsity Swimmers

Tyvin A. Rich, Robert Pfister, John Alton, David Gerdt, Martin Baruch . Received 12 August 2015; Accepted 24 November 2015

Clinical Study Validating CareTaker BP Accuracy with Brachial Cuffs in Dialysis Patients

Martin C. Baruch, David W. Gerdt, Virginia University Kidney Center 2015

Validation of the pulse decomposition analysis algorithm using central arterial blood pressure

Martin C Baruch, Kambiz Kalantari, David W Gerdt and Charles M Adkins.  BioMedical Engineering OnLine 2014, 13:96

Velocity/Pressure Response Curve Characterization of the Arterial Path of the P3 Iliac Reflection During Hemorrhage Simulation

Martin C. Baruch, Darren ER Warburton,  Shannon SD Bredin,  Anita Cote, David W. Gerdt, Charles M. Adkins.  Annual Review of Chaos Theory, Bifurcations and Dynamical…

Pulse Decomposition Analysis of the digital arterial pulse during hemorrhage simulation

Martin C. Baruch, Darren E. R. Warburton, Shannon S. D. Bredin, Anita Cote, David W. Gerdt, Charles M. Adkins. Nonlinear Biomedical Physics 2011, 5:1