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Who we are

Caretaker Medical® is a MedTech Innovator founded in Charlottesville, Virginia, in March 2014 to commercialize wearable monitoring devices constructed around our Patented Pulse Decomposition Analysis technology.

VitalStream uses a small, comfortable finger cuff to accurately measure continuous, non-invasive beat-by-beat blood pressure (“cNIBP”), ECG-accurate heart rate, and respiration rate. It can also be used to monitor blood volume (for hemorrhage detection), arterial stiffness, and other hemodynamic parameters.

VitalStream measurements have been shown in clinical trials to be equivalent to other cNIBP patient monitors and heart rate methods. As MedTech innovators, we anticipate that this solution in vital signs monitoring will disrupt the current patient monitoring environment and become widely adopted in the medical community.


Digital health & wireless patient monitoring

Year founded:



20 FT; 2 PT

Regulatory Status:

5 FDA 510(k) clearances and CE-mark clearance


6 issued; 2 pending (US, Europe, China)

Commercial phase:

2020-2021: 1000+ Gen1 CNIBP monitors sold to early adopters
2023: Gen2 full-featured VitalStream hemodynamic platform FDA cleared, launching product into hospital markets


VitalStream® - The world’s only FDA-cleared wearable with indications for continuous and noninvasive blood pressure, cardiac output, stroke volume and advanced cardiovascular parameters

Commercial strategy

With R&D, clinical validation and VitalStream® FDA clearance complete, the company is building a combination of direct, distributor, and OEM partner sales as appropriate for each market segment.

The sales team will leverage VitalStreams low cost, easy to use wireless/wearable technology to take market share from complex high priced capital equipment incumbents and expand into new use cases. Call points are hospitals (ER, OR, ICU’s) to deliver capital, disposable and SaaS revenue.

These efforts set the stage for commercializing future AI predictive capabilities (hemorrhage detection, heart failure, hypotension and sepsis prediction).

The problem

  • Cardiovascular Insufficiency 4M Post-Op Deaths occur 1-30 days after surgery
  • 50% of fluid boluses fail to increase Cardiac Output and tissue (end-organ) perfusion

The opportunity

  • 50 million major surgeries in the U.S.
  • 16 million emergency department admissions (U.S.)
  • 5 million intensive care unit admissions (U.S.)
  • 49M sepsis and 26M heart failure patients worldwide

Our solution


  • Is a digital wire-free and continuous monitoring platform that eliminates dangerous blind spots with streaming actionable data
  • Provides immediate and continuous evaluation of cardiovascular function and fluid responsiveness
  • Is an alternative to invasive vascular monitoring catheters and expensive bedside machines

Vitalstream® wireless monitoring platform

Vitalstream interface displays.

Our team of MedTech innovators


Jeff Pompeo

President & CEO


Martin Baruch

Chief Technology Officer


Todd Hochrein

Chief Financial Officer


Warren Kressinger-Dunn

General Manager EMEA/ASIA


Rolf Hueppi

Chairman of the Board


Johnny Mann

VP Sales & Marketing

Medical Advisory Board

Joseph L. Hutchison, M.D.

Joseph L. Hutchison, M.D., is an otolaryngologist and Vice President of Blue Ridge Ear, Nose and Throat in Lynchburg, Virginia. He had a prior appointment as Clinical Assistant Instructor at Albany Medical college and has been Clinical Instructor of Otolaryngology for Lynchburg Family Practice Residency since 2000.

Dr. Chris Ghaemmaghami, M.D.

Dr. Chris Ghaemmaghami, M.D. is the Chief Medical Officer of University of Virginia Medical Center in Charlottesville, VA. Dr. Ghaemmaghami is the Medical Center’s Senior Physician, overseeing medical staff and patient care and service.

Jay H. Sanders, M.D.

Jay H. Sanders, M.D., is the CEO of The Global Telemedicine Group, Professor of Medicine (Adjunct) at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and a Founding Board Member and President Emeritus of the American Telemedicine Association.

Younghoon Kwon, M.D

Younghoon Kwon, M.D., is Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Washington’s division of Cardiology and the director of the inpatient/cardiac ICU at Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, WA. Previously, he was Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Virginia’s Cardiology department.

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