VitalStream® for Long-Term Acute Care Facilities

Continuous patient monitoring that’s comfortable for the long term

Your patients and their loved ones trust you to provide high-level,
safe and effective care. That’s why it’s essential to have advanced
patient monitoring that can enable early detection of patient
deterioration. VitalStream is a clinically-validated and FDA-cleared
wireless, wearable continuous blood pressure and vital signs
monitor. It uses a disposable, one-size-fits-all, low-pressure finger
sensor to comfortably and continuously monitor your patients’ vital
signs. The wireless design is ideal for long-term care as it allows
patients to move freely, and can be removed and reapplied as

VitalStream uses Caretaker’s patented Pulse Decomposition Analysis algorithm to measure continuous blood pressure, heart rate, respiration rate and more. Additional wireless sensors are available for ECG, SpO2, Temp and ETCO2.

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VitalStream tablet and wearable vital signs monitor

Elevate patient care, streamline nursing workflows and reduce costs

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Enable early detection of decline and make informed decisions with continuous real-time data.

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Decrease nursing burden and save time with set up under 90 seconds, automated vital signs collection, and EMR integration.


Ensure a pleasant experience for your patients with a comfortable finger sensor that passively collects vital signs and reduces the need for patient disruptions.


Reduce monitoring costs with a solution that’s a fraction of the cost of other advanced monitoring systems.

Drive efficient clinical processes and enhance safety with central monitoring solutions


VitalStation allows you to access and review patient data from a centralized location. This can save your clinical team valuable time going from room to room to check on patients. It also ensures that you can monitor multiple patients in real time to enable timely interventions if needed.

VitalStation on tablet

Caretaker Cloud

Caretaker Cloud enables remote monitoring of patients across multiple locations 24/7 from anywhere with internet access.

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