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Caretaker Medical Offers Hospitals an Innovative Solution to the Thermodilution Catheter Shortage

Charlottesville VA, August 16, 2023 — Persistent supply challenges affecting continuous cardiac output (CCO) thermodilution catheters are impacting hospitals worldwide. In response, Caretaker Medical is…

Study Finds that Caretaker Medical’s Noninvasive Hemodynamic Monitor has Comparable Accuracy to Invasive Thermodilution

The new study shows that VitalStream, a wireless, wearable FDA-cleared hemodynamic monitor, produces comparable cardiac output measurements to a pulmonary artery catheter.

Ketamine vital signs monitoring blog
Data without distraction: Revolutionizing vitals monitoring during ketamine treatment

Discover how to enhance your practice’s patient care by emphasizing efficient, accurate, and consistent vital signs monitoring.

IV drip for fluid therapy
Time Critical Fluid Assessment: Save Lives with VitalStream

With around 80% of hospitalized patients being prescribed intravenous (IV) fluid therapy[1], physicians need fast and reliable insight into how patients are responding so they…

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Managing Sepsis: The role of VitalStream for rapid fluid assessment

With September designated as Sepsis Awareness Month, and the tenth annual World Sepsis Day this September 13th, there is a renewed focus on this global…

patient receiving fluids in hospital
Fluid Responsiveness: How non-invasive hemodynamic monitoring can prevent the danger of overloading

Non-invasive beat-by-beat monitoring can give medical staff the insight they need to be far more precise with fluid loading and thus eradicate the risk currently posed to patients.